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Royal Holdings has various solutions available combining IoT, artificial intelligence and mobile platforms that fit under the Sentinel technologies brand:

Sentinel Concierge

Sentinel Concierge is a powerful embedded real-time in-app tool for event companies providing event attendees with a state-of-the art information feed including:

  • Real-time navigation to the event with directions to available parking bays and estimated wait times at venue gates

  • Push notification alerts to friends or family in case of an emergency at the event

  • Unique positioning system to locate the user in case of emergency and provide real-time alerts and guidance to free transport out of area

  • Live video feed function

  • Location-based communications and marketing

  • Customized insurance coverage


SWORD is the world’s first cutting edge, 3D distance scanning device that is mobile based and able to scan objects and people for weapons, explosives and tactical surveillance counter measures. Our mobile interface includes facial recognition, real-time actionable intelligence alerts, location tracking and much more.

Our scanning device is non invasive utilizing world leading radio waves based 3D imaging, AI, machine learning and our proprietary, mobile based, software.

This device is currently under development and prototypes are available for demonstrations. Please complete demo form below.


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Sentinel Private Client

Sentinel Private Client is a bespoke suite of solutions for executive protection teams of High Net Worth Individuals and corporations.

Using our proprietary and analytical approach, along with cutting-edge technology, we are able to identify, manage, and mitigate risk for clients unlike anyone else.

By combining people, knowledge and technology we provide you solutions to keep your principal, safe, secure and informed. These Solutions include:

  • Single/Multiple Person Tracking

  • Respiration & Heartbeat monitoring

  • Facial Recognition

  • Cutting Edge, handheld, distance X Ray scanning for weapons, explosives and technical surveillance counter measures.

  • Real-Time Situational Reports providing strategic, tactical, technical and location-based intelligence.

  • Sentinel Private Client provides you with the best mobile technology and equipment to ensure your principal is always safe and secure.

Sentinel Source

In the hypercompetitive news industry, every second counts. Everybody wants to get the story out first.

When critical events occur, newsrooms rush to verify and fact check an incident before breaking the story. This can take time.

Sentinel Source streamlines the fact-gathering process by delivering verified information about real-time events to newsrooms across the globe.

A media intelligence subscription tailored specifically to the needs of modern newsrooms, Sentinel Source provides journalists with all the information they need to create an accurate and fact-filled report including expert sources, applicable data, and a history of related occurrences, allowing journalists to meet or beat deadlines and provide factually correct updates as the news story unfolds.

Sentinel Source greatly reduces the risk of error in reporting and ensures that news consumers receive timely and accurate information.

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